BIORES: study tour, training of trainers and the Steering Committee of the project

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Between November 29th and December 4th a study tour was held, combined with training of trainers and the Steering Committee of the project.

Participants of the study tour were representatives of organizations and companies interested in forming a Biomass logistic and trade centers in Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria. The aim of the trip was to point out the logistic centers in Slovenia, Austria and Germany. A tour of the following logistic centers is organized: Biomass doo, Nazarje, Slovenia; Leoben, Niklasdorf, Austria; Achental, Grassau, Germany; and Algau, Riderau, Germany. In addition to logistic centers, participants had the opportunity to visit Graz and Munich, the last day of a trip a there was a workshop organized at the headquarters of GIZ in Bavaria Feldafing.

In addition to the study trip there war a training included for 12 future trainers, that will, within the activities of the BioRes project, use their acquired knowledge in the upcoming period for practical trainings on managing supply chains for woody bioenery in Serbia, Coatia and Bulgaria.

As part of the trip to Graz on November 30th and 01December 1st the fourth Steering Committee of the project was held. The main topics of the meeting were further activities within the work package 4, 5 and 6. The locations for the development of Biomass logistic centers were defined as well as methods of making feasibility studies for the respective locations. There are definite recommendations for a sustainable supply of woody bioenergy of standardized quality and basic concept of training for managing supply chains for woody bioenergy.

The next meeting of the Steering Committee of the project will take place in April in Zagreb.

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