Board of Directors

Article 11.

The Board of Directors is the executive body of the Association, which ensures the implementation of the objectives of the association which are established in this Statute.
To achieve the objectives of the Association the Board may organize sub-committees, whose members may be persons who are not members of the Association
The Governing Board consists of five members elected by the Assembly as follows:

  • President of the Board and a person authorized to represent the organizations for a period of 2 years,
  • four permanent members of the Board for a period of 2 years

The President and members of the board of directors may be re-elected to the same position.
All members of the Board attend the Board sessions.

The Board may make decisions if the session is attended by at least three members. The Board shall decide by majority vote of the members present.


Article 12.

The Board of Directors:

  1. manages the work of the Association between two sessions of the Assembly and makes decisions to achieve the objectives of the Association;
  2. makes financial decisions according to the adopted financial plan of the Association;
  3. decides on initiating the procedure for amending the Statute, on its own initiative or at the request of at least five members of the Association and prepares a proposal of amendments submitted to the Assembly for adoption
  4. decides on the initiation of procedure for damage compensation in the cases specified in Article 25. of 2. Law on Associations and, if necessary, determines a special representative of the Association for the procedure;
  5. decides on othermatters for which are not authorized the other bodies of the Association, by law or by statute.

In the absence of the President of the Board, his deputy,who is appointed from among the members of the board, takes over his position.



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