Assembly of the Association

Article 9.

The Assembly of the Association consists of all its members.
The Assembly meets regularly twice a year and at the latest by the legally defined deadline for submission of financial reports for the previous year, and no later than December 31stof the current year, for approval of the work plan.
Extraordinary session of the Assembly may be convened at the reasoned request of the Board, as well as the initiative of at least one third of the members of the Assembly.
The initiative is submitted to the Board of Directors in writing and it must specify the issues which should be considered.
Extraordinary Assembly meeting must be held no later than 30 days from the date of the request for its convening.
The Assembly session convenes the President of the Board, by written notice of the place and time of the Assembly and the draft agenda.

Article 10.

The Assembly:

  1. accepts the Statute, as well as its changes and additions;
  2. accepts other general acts of the Association;
  3. accepts the financial plan and the work program;
  4. appoints and dismisses members of the Board;
  5. elects and dismisses the President of the Board and the person authorized to represent the organization from among the members of the Board;
  6. appoints and dismisses the Deputy President of the Board from among the permanent members of the board;
  7. considers and adopts, at least annually, a report of the Board;
  8. considers and adopts the financial report for the previous year;
  9. determines the amount of membership fees for each year;
  10. decides on status changes and termination of the association;
  11. decides on joining federations and other associations in the country and abroad;
  12. considers and decides on other cuurent issuesthat are not within the jurisdiction of the board;

The Assembly shall decide by open ballot by a majority vote of the members present.

For the decision on amendments to the Statute, status changes and termination of the Association it is two third majority of the members present necessary.



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