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National Biomass Association SERBIO through cooperation with numerous partners in the country and abroad, such as the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade, the Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment, as well as the Department of Energy, Electronics and Telecommunications within the University of Novi Sad, then the European Biomass Association AEBIOM and the World Biomass Association WBA, biomass organizations from countries in the region, specifically Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc., formed specialized professional project teams that bring together professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of the market and the process of forming a raw material base, logistics, exploitation and production.

When we add to this list numerous experts in the field of wood and agricultural biomass and in general in the field of renewable energy sources, we can say that we have all the relevant factors of the biomass market in one place under the auspices of the National Biomass Association SERBIO.

It is this kind of cooperation that enables us to provide our members and other clients with the following:

  • adequate information and counseling
  • conceptual design and technical solutions
  • assistance in communication with all levels of government and competent institutions in order to provide assistance in the administrative work (issuing permits, approvals...)
  • study tours where good practice examples are presented with the exchange of knowledge and experience with companies and experts from the region and Europe

In a word, we have provided a service through which all participants in the chain of production and consumption of energy from renewable sources can get all the necessary assistance, all the information and the best solutions for their needs - individuals and the needs of their companies and agricultural holdings.

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